And what is more, you’re in demand, my son

Original article date: May 2001

If you can save your work when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on Bill
If you can trust your scripts when others doubt you
And keep well hid your list of those to kill

If you can wait and not salute (three fingered)
Just ‘cos the hour glass goes on too long
Or being “blue screened” not give way to hating
Though many times the urge is oh so strong

If you can dream of programs that are faultless
Yet rise each day to play the usual game
If you can meet with Smartsuite and with Office
And treat those two imposters just the same

If you can watch the programs you have crafted
Abused by users till they creak and fall.
Or watch the project you have worked for, shafted
Because the poxy budget was too small

If you can make one heap of all your hard disk
And risk it all without a backup done
And lose, yet start again with Windoze boot disks
And never breathe a word when you get home

If you can force your PKZIP and DRIVESPACE
To get you through long after disks are full
And so work on when there is not a byte free
except a net-based drive somewhere in Hull

If you can meet accountants yet stay human
Or meet the boss, nor lose the techie touch
If office politics can never hurt you
And users count on you but not too much

If you can keep the unforgiving system
To 40 hours a week of uptime run
You are the guru, one in fifty million
And what is more, you’re in demand, my son.

May 2001